Re-posting content on Social Media

Here we’ve got a practical real-life piece of advice from Gary Vaynerchuk on re-posting content on Social Media. Look at that, same post – 4 times a day… and counting. Spam?! Nope! Just nicely taking care of people using Twitter at different times. Check out the retweets and favs numbers, sum it up. This strategy pays out. At least when you have some followers. Some more followers…?!


So, my friend, don’t be afraid to re-post good content, fresh and/or old. Do you and your good company a favor. They will love you.

Another goody-bag for you in this regard is the last year’s „The leaked New York Times innovation report“ on creating, using,  re-using content and generating attention. A random quote fitting today’s context:

They experimented by repackaging old content in new formats with a collection of videos related to love on Valentine’s Day and a collection of stories by Nick Kristof on sex trafficking. “The result? Both were huge hits, exclusively because our readers shared them on social.” The Kristof collection page and the articles in it totaled 468,106 pageviews over six days. “Very few articles from a typical day’s paper will garner this much traffic in a month.” Readers spent an average of 2 minutes and 35 seconds on a Kristof story from 1996, for example. (p. 34-35)

I guess i should start listen to my own advice.

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